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There are many different cordless vacuums on the market. Most people and trade magazines agree that the Hoover LINX is the clear leader when it comes to performance, design, and ease of use.

Hoover is world-renowned in the field of vacuum design and it makes perfect sense that this vacuum is the favorite of customers and specialists alike. After all, almost 800 satisfied customer reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong.

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One of the primary reasons that a person would want to get a cordless vacuum is to make their lives easier. The problem with so many cordless vacuums is that they are not designed well. The engineering that goes into creating a top of the line cordless vacuum is quite involved. This is the number one reason that you want to avoid cheaper units.

best upright vacuum hoover linx cordlessThe engineers at Hoover have come up with a cordless vacuum that will perform as well as a corded vacuum. The Hoover LINX cordless stick has an 18-volt Lithium Ion battery that provides you with fade free power. It is very important to have constant power when you are vacuuming.

The power of the battery is integral when choosing a cordless vacuum. The power source on a cordless vacuum is the most important feature. Many of the five star reviews from Amazon mention the superior battery technology.

hoover linxThe ION battery that comes with the Hoover LINX is something that is a tremendous advancement over the typical cordless battery charger. The ION battery is also Energy Star compliant and this means that you are going to be using less energy.

When you use the Hoover LINX you will be able to check the charge on your vacuums battery thanks to the user friendly on board indicator. This is great because you will always be aware of how much time you have left to vacuum. You will never be caught with a dead battery.

hoover linx cordless upright vacuumThe next thing that customers found so exciting was the bagless technology. Changing vacuum bags is time consuming and also expensive. The Hoover design saves you both money and time. You will not have to spend time changing dirty bags or looking for bag replacements.

The Hoover LINX also has an innovative feature that anyone who has hardwood floors in addition to carpets will love. A Motorized power brush easily switches on and off to allow you to move from carpeted areas to hardwood floors. This is an important feature for the person who wants to have one vacuum for their home that will be able to accomplish everything that they need done.

Hoover is a company that has been producing quality vacuums for many years. They continue to produce top of the line products that are ideal for any home. Their vacuums are innovative, easy to use, and cost effective. Anyone who wants a cordless vacuum should defiantly check out the Hoover LINX.

Amazon has a great deal on these vacuums, and their customer service is unsurpassed. The Hoover LINX normally retails for almost $200.00 but you can find it for sale on Amazon for only $137.35  at the moment. Take a look at the Hoover LINX today, and see for yourself why almost 800 Amazon customers are happy with the Hoover LINX.



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