Bissell SpotbotWhen it comes to deep cleaning carpet stains there is really only one choice: The Bissell Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology.

This vacuum was designed to specifically address the needs of animal owners and anyone else who is going to want superior cleaning technology.

Normal vacuums are designed to clean up debris, dust, and dirt. However, when it comes to cleaning stains you will need to use a specialty item. Stains pose several problems for anyone looking to keep a clean carpet.

The first problem is that stains cannot be removed with normal vacuuming technology.

The second issue is that stains will often times contain substances that create odors as well as damage the fiber of your carpet.

bissel spotbot handsfree cleanerThe Bissell Spotbot Handsfree cleaner is great because it is designed specifically to deal with stains. The patented Deep Reach technology is capable of cleaning carpet fibers from the bottom up. This is much better than other methods of cleaning. If you only clean carpet fibers from above then you will not be able to get all of the stain out.

The other advantage to using the Bissell Spotbot Handsfree is that it has a built in Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection. This is fantastic because it completely eliminates all bacteria and microbes that can often be found in carpet stains.

No matter if the stain is from an animal or from food, any form of bacteria is a big problem. Not only is it unhealthy for you and your family, it can cause rot within the carpet fibers.

The Bissell Spotbot will remove 99 percent of odor causing bacteria. This feature will also prevent the growth of mold, germs, and mildew. The cleaning agents that you can use with this product are amazing at removing not only stains, but also the troublesome odors that often follow the stain.

The spiral brush is engineered to lift the stain and odor from the carpet. This movement is specially designed for carpets that have been stained by animals or food.

Additionally, it comes with pre-set cycles that make it completely hands free. This is a great feature because it normally takes a long time to clean the stains from out of carpet fibers.

The Bissell Spotbot comes with a manual cleaning hose. This is located on the body of the vacuum and is easily taken off and used to get precision cleaning.

The Bissell Spotbot weights only 18 pounds so it is very easy to move around and carry from room to room. Because of its ideal size it is perfect for cleaning stairs, car interiors, and other places where normal vacuums cannot go.

People who have brought the Bissell Spotbot are pleased with its ease of use as well as the results it produces. Anyone who has animals in their home would be well advised to purchase this unit. It will be a great help when it comes to cleaning your carpet and making it smell like new.

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