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This year, Black Friday is on November 23, 2011, the day after Thanksgiving. This is the day to get the best deal on vacuums, electronics and a lot of  home appliances.

Don’t miss it!

black friday vacuum deals 2011Amazon has already started Black Friday early. Check out their Black Friday Deals Page for awesome lightning deals every 4 hours: Black Friday Deals Page



I’ll update this list as  great deals come available, but in the mean time be sure to also stop by the Black Friday Deals page on Amazon.com. They have lightning deals that start every 4 hours.


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Everything You Need to Know About Hoover Vacuums

hoover vacuumsThis article will tell you everything you need to know about Hoover vacuums. These products are rightly known as the best vacuums on the market.

The Hoover brand is so famous that the word Hoover is actually synonymous with vacuum in many countries.

Below is some information about the brands history and their exciting innovations.



Hoover Vacuums History in a Few Words


Hoover was the first company to ever produce a vacuum cleaner. The first product that functioned as a vacuum was created in Canton, Ohio, in 1908. It was designed and built by a man named James Spangler. Spangler sold the patent to his cousin’s husband, William Henry Hoover.


Hoover kept Spangler on as a designer. The two continued to produce innovations on the original vacuum design. This eye towards innovation and quality is the number one reason that the Hoover brand has continued to be at the forefront when it comes to vacuum cleaners.


The Hoover vacuum cleaner was also the first model to incorporate brushes into the vacuum design. While all other vacuum cleaners relied on suction alone, Hoover installed a series of brushes that were designed to agitate the carpet or rug and allow for a cleaner vacuuming experience.


In later years, Hoover went on to create more advanced and user-friendly vacuums. They designed and produced a series of self propelled vacuums, as well as vacuums that had superior filtration systems. They also designed and implemented such innovative and helpful features as deep cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and canister vacuums.


Best Hoover Vacuums


The newest line of Hoover vacuums are created and produced to the highest standards. The Hoover Platinum Collection offers you six amazing vacuums. These vacuums allow you to have the maximum cleaning experience. The Hoover Platinum Collection offers you a wide variety of vacuum products ranging from handheld units to powerful upright vacuuming units that are capable of a professional level of cleaning.


The Hoover Platinum collection has something for everyone. The Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum is something that many people love. It is a cordless and bagless vacuum that completely revolutionizes the way in which you vacuum. The cordless design makes it completely easy to get to all of the areas of your home.


Another great thing about the Hoover Platinum series is that they offer bagless vacuums. The bagless vacuum design is one that offers tremendous benefits. These benefits range from saving money to creating less dust. The canister design eliminates all of the hassle of changing dusty bags. They are also much more hygienic than bag vacuum designs.


Check benefits of Cyclonic Bagless Upright Hoover in this video


The Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright is a fantastic design for anyone who wants versatility and ease of use. This vacuum comes with a self-sealing HEPA bag. This is fantastic because it captures more dirt and debris particles than normal vacuums. You will also get a small, portable, canister vacuum. This allows you to get to all of the hard to reach places in your home.


If you want the best vacuum for your home then you need to definitely check out the Hoover Platinum Collection. These vacuums are a great way to make sure you get the best cleaning experience. Take a look at the different models and see for yourself why so many people love these vacuums.





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DYSON DC25 ALL FLOOREverything You Need to Know About Dyson DC25

Here is everything you need to know about Dyson DC25 vacuums. These are the best the line of vacuum products on the market.

Anyone who wants the cleanest home, and the easiest to use vacuum, should take a look at the amazing features that come with this fantastic product.



Dyson DC25 Technology

dyson dc25 ball technologyThe first thing you should look at is the Dyson DC25 Ball technology. This is a patented design that allows you to easily move the vacuum around your home.

Unlike other vacuums, the Dyson DC25 maneuvers around corners, edges, and tight spots without difficulty.

This makes it one of the easiest vacuums on the market.


dyson dc25 root cychlone technologyThe next amazing feature to take notice of is the Dyson Root Cyclone Technology. This powerful design is unique to the Dyson brand of vacuums.

The great thing about this feature is that you will never have a loss of suction power. This means that you can vacuum without stopping and adjusting the unit.


This is one of the reasons that people love the Dyson DC25 line. Vacuums that use bags often suffer from a loss of suction and power. Once you use the Dyson DC25 you will be amazed at how awesome it is. You will never have to stop vacuuming midway.


Dyson DC25 Filters

dyson dc25 HEPA filterA wonderful feature of all Dyson DC25 units is the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is the best filter available. This is the same high quality material that professionals use.

This filter is used when people are working with dangerous air quality. This is amazing to have with a vacuum. It is something that will catch all sorts of debris and dust. This leaves you with spotless floors, extremely clean rugs and carpets, and amazing air quality.


dyson dc25 cerified asthma&allergy friendlyMany people who have allergies have amazing results with the Dyson DC25. This is due to its amazing HEPA filter and canister design.

The HEPA filter, as we have seen, is the best filter at capturing dust mites, debris, and all other air allergens.

Dyson DC25 is certified  Asthma&Allergy friendly vacuum.


The canister design is great because it eliminates the need to change dirty and dusty vacuum bags. This not only saves you the expense of buying vacuum bags, it saves you from breathing in all of the dust that escapes these bags.


Dyson DC25 for Pet Lovers

dyson dc25 animalPeople with animals should also take a look at the outstanding Dyson DC25 Animal Ball vacuum. This is the best vacuum for people who have pets.

In addition to the outstanding features such as the ball technology, the HEPA filter, and the Cyclone technology, the DC25 Animal ball has a sophisticated design suited specifically for those homeowners with animals. A motorized brushbar is used to make sure that the unit captures all of the animal hair.

There is really no better vacuum unit that available right now. If you want an exceptionally clean home, then the Dyson is the best choice. It is made of the best parts and made to the highest standard.

The Dyson brand is known for producing quality and anyone who wants to get the best should choose  Dyson vacuum.






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best vacuum cleaners for carpetWondering why the carpets at their home seems cleaner than yours? Well, I can assure you, you are not the only one to think that way. Most of us with carpets are left asking ourselves this question. With this article, I will try to answer this question, with the help of some questions themselves!

How frequently do you clean your carpets?

It is not wise to clean your carpets after they get the dirtiest they can get! Dust and dirt stick on to the carpet and as much you walk on it. It rubs against the carpet and sticks more firmly on it. This reduces the useful life of the carpet too. Thus it is essential to clean the carpet on a periodic manner.

What method of cleaning do you use for the carpets?

People tend to believe that all methods of cleaning give the same result. This is untrue. There are several methods like machines, dry cleaning and special vacuum cleaners. All methods produce different results. Just because the carpet looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s clean. Each method of cleaning has its pros and cons. Also there is a cost attached to each method. He cost should not outweigh the end result. Vacuum cleaners, especially the steam cleaners and the wet/dry configuration cleaners, are the best choice for home use.

Vacuum cleaners utilize the steam technology. In this, hot water is mixed with some cleaning solution/shampoo and applied to the carpet. It is then sucked out of the carpet. There are again two methods of doing this.

One is the portable method where we use handheld or portable vacuum cleaners to do the job. Other is truck mount cleaning machine where a machine is mounted on to a truck. The truck mount cleaning utilizes heavy machinery and is costly. You have to pay for the cleaning each time in case of dry cleaning or truck mount cleaning. It is essential that you know how much you are spending on the cleaning. Since frequent cleaning is always recommended, this option could be costly.

This brings us back to our friends, the vacuum cleaners. They are the best bet to balance between the cost and the end result.

What type of vacuum cleaner?

The bristles of the vacuum cleaner determine how deep it can penetrate to take out the dirt. But, it is also worth noting how these bristles will respond when pressed hard against a surface. If the bristles bend too much, it hampers the suction. So choose your choice wisely.

How much time do you give to carpets cleaning ?

If you have a carpet that covers a large area, then by the time you finish cleaning one part of the carpet, the dirt could have moved to other part of the room. It is essential to clean the entire carpet in one go. Do not keep sections of the carpet to be cleaned on separate days. It totally defeats the purpose of having a dirt free, allergen free carpet. It is also important to go over the surface several times in a criss-cross movement. This way we can ensure that all parts, including the stubborn deep ones, are covered in the vacuuming and cleaning.

Hope this article gave you ways after which other will be left wondering why is your carpet cleaner than theirs! Happy cleaning!

carpets before and after vacuum cleaning


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