Dyson Ball Vacuum dc25 Stands Apart from the Crowd

dyson ball vacuum dc25The Dyson ball vacuum dc25 is one of the most popular vacuums on the market. It consistently wins awards and ranks high on the list of most efficient and easy to use models. There are a few reasons that this vacuum is so popular and below you will see a detailed buyers (on Amazon) review. It is important to remember that a vacuum cleaner is going to be a big purchase and therefore you need to spend time making sure you will get a product that will perform well and is worth your money.

Dyson Ball Vacuum dc25 uses Revolutionary Technology

I had heard great things about the Dyson ball vacuum dc25. Like everyone else, I was familiar with the Dyson brand. They completely revolutionized vacuum technology. Unlike many other brands on the market, the Dyson brand is known for making high performance vacuums that look great and function at an unsurpassed level.

Dyson ball vacuum dc25 comes with Innovative Ball Technology

The first thing to know about the Dyson ball vacuum dc25 is that it uses a patented vacuum ball technology. This makes vacuuming in any room easy. I had used vacuums in the past that had great suction power, but they simply were not flexible. This meant that I could not really get an adequate cleaning.

Twist and Roll Your Vacuum Anywhere You Want

The advantage to the Dyson ball vacuum technology is that it allows you to maneuver the vacuum in any sort of space. You are not going to be limited to making left and right angles. You can twist and roll the vacuum in any direction you want. I loved the fact that I could easily vacuum around furniture without having to go back and forth and make multiple passes with the machine.

Root Cyclone Technology: The Dyson Advantage

The next advantage to using the Dyson ball vacuum is that it utilizes Root Cyclone technology. This is a superior method of suction power. If you are like me then you are used to vacuums that clog and have to be cleaned out. This is because the dust and debris in the air gets clogged in most normal vacuums. With the Root Cyclone technology this is avoided. The Cyclonic system separates the particles and removes them into an easy to remove canister.

Canister Design Is Superior to Bags

I found that the ease with which you can empty the vacuum was a big benefit. Most vacuums use bags, and these are messy and ineffectual. What you want is something that can easily be removed and cleaned. The Dyson Ball vacuum comes with a simple canister that can be taken out and emptied and then returned to the unit.

HEPA Filtration System For Highest Quality Air

Something that I had never thought of before I investigated the Dyson Ball vacuum was a filtration system. Many vacuums simply do not have one, while others have an inferior one. The Dyson DC25 comes with an amazing HEPA filtration system. This will last a lifetime and the only maintenance needed is to clean it out. The HEPA filter out the microscopic particles that will escape most normal vacuums and reenter the air.

The Dyson Dc25 Protects Your Health

The reason I love the Dyson DC25 is because I know that I am getting every last bit of debris. It makes the air much cleaner and is great for making sure that I have the best air quality in my home. The Dyson DC25 is so great at cleaning the air that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America have certified it as being Asthma friendly. It removes mold and microscopic bacteria from the air that a normal vacuum is incapable of doing.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

I also think that it is important to look at size and accessories. Sometimes a vacuum is simply too heavy to operate effectively. This is not the case with the Dyson ball DC25. It is incredibly lightweight, only 16 pounds, for a vacuum that can do all that it can do. The power cord is 24-3/5 feet long, which is more than sufficient.

Useful Accessories and A Great Warranty

The last thing I look for when getting a vacuum is what type of accessories come with it.

The Dyson Ball vacuum DC25 comes with a telescoping reach wand. This lets you reach high without straining your back or balancing precariously on a chair. You will also get additional tools for cleaning the stairs. On top of this you get a 5-year warranty on parts and labor.

Are there any Downsides?

The Dyson is a fantastic product. The only downside is that there are limited accessories that come along with the vacuum. If you want more you can always get additional ones. I found that the accessories that came with the unit were more than adequate, but if you want more they are easily accessible. The Dyson ball vacuum DC25 is a fantastic vacuum and one you should definitely look into getting.

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