Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum Review


robotic vacuumI really love writing reviews and when it came time to look at robotic vacuum systems I was excited. I really did not know how much there was to know about these amazing vacuum units. I was only familiar with traditional vacuum cleaners until recently and thought that there was not much of a difference.


It turns out there are some big differences, and there are some very important things to look at when deciding on a particular robotic vacuum system. I did a detailed analysis of all of the robotic vacuums on the market and my findings lead me to the conclusion that the Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System is finest vacuum on the market.


Below I will detail some of the important things to look for when you are getting a robotic vacuum system. I will then go over the Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System and discuss why it is the clear winner.


What To Look For When Buying a Robotic Vacuum


  • What type of Positioning System does the Vacuum Use?
  • Is it Powerful?
  • Can It All Floor Types?
  • How easy to use is it?
  • Can it be set to Work Automatically?


It is important to look at all of these questions. If you simply go out and buy the cheapest robotic vacuum you see then you are going to be disappointed. Cheap products are cheap for a reason. They are normally constructed with low quality material and poorly engineered.


The Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System is well made and is the best choice. You are going to get a vacuum that will perform exceptional well. Below you will find several reasons why you should choose the Neato XV-11.


Neato Robotic Vacuum  Has a Laser Guided Positioning

robotic vacuumWhen you choose a robotic vacuum the most important thing to consider is how it operates. The vacuum is going to be doing its job without you propelling it. This means that it is important for the robotic vacuum to have a great guidance system.


The Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System uses proprietary technology that is the best in the field. The technology is called the RPS or Room Positioning Technology.


It has a laser-guided grid that maps out the area it is going to vacuum. This allows it to know where furniture is and avoid hitting into the couch, chair or table. This is important because many lesser vacuums simply roam about. You do not want a vacuum to roam about because they might bump into walls or fall down stairs.


The other important factor to remember is that the RPS system is incredibly efficient. It will not keep going over the same spot. It will get every inch of your room clean and never miss a spot.


Tremendous Power in a small Package

robotic vacuumThe Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System has a very powerful motor. It has a centrifugal compression impeller. This uses the same principal as a jet engine. It creates a powerful suction that is the most efficient on the market. It is capable of removing all debris including pet hair.

The optimized speed gets the maximum effectiveness out of the cleaning process. When you are using an upright vacuum you might mistakenly vacuum too fast, or two slow. This is not an issue with the Neato XV-11  because it has an optimized speed sensor.


It Handles all Types of Floors

It is important to get a vacuum that is capable of cleaning all types of floor surfaces. You do not want to get a vacuum that can only clean carpets. The great thing about the Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum is that it has the unique ability to handle multiple floor surfaces. This means that you can safely use it in your home and not worry about it scratching your wood floors or hurting tile.


It Is Exceptionally Easy To Use

The Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum  is one of the easiest to use robotic vacuums on the market. The main thing that you want when getting a robotic vacuum is ease of use. Remember, you are getting a vacuum that can operate on its own in order to save you the effort of vacuuming. It is of no use if the unit requires your constant attention.


robotic vacuumThe Neato XV-11  not only vacuums on its own, it returns to base and charges itself when it’s done. It also has an onboard sensor that ensures it will never run out of energy during the vacuum cycle. The unit also has an advanced scheduling system that allows you to program a daily vacuuming routine.


How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum retails for $399 but you can get it for $379.99 at at the moment. Amazon is a very reputable retailer and it is where you will get the best price.

What’s Included?

  • Neato XV-11 robot vacuum
  • Charging base
  • Power adapter
  • Batteries
  • Boundary markers
  • Filter replacement package
  • Quick start guide
  • User guide


Does it include a Warranty?

Yes. The Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.


What Others Are Saying?

This robotic vacuum is receiving rave reviews from customers. The average Amazon rating for this vacuum is five stars. Here are some actual comments:

Honestly, it is one of the best things I have ever purchased for myself.”

I am now a believer in robotic vacuums!”

This is the best investment I’ve made in cleaning my house”

Perfect Automated Vacuum Robot”

I’d recommend to anyone…and have.”


Any Complaints?

There have been some people who have had minor issues with their unit. However, the customer support at Neato is fantastic and everyone has testified to getting replacement parts very quickly.

Where Can You Buy The Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum?

The best place to buy the Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum is at Amazon. They offer it at the best price and they also have amazing customer support. They also have a great deal on free shipping. Click here to view the Amazon deal.


Where Can You Read More Reviews For The Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum?

The best place to read more reviews is at Amazon. You will see many reviews from individuals who have purchased the vacuum. Click here to read more.








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