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best vacuum cleaner 2011The Best Vacuum – Suction Power and Airflow

Suction power is important when choosing the best vacuum as the suction  determines how much dirt is likely to be raised when cleaning. Picture this, you buy a new vacuum cleaner that looks nice and is reasonably priced.

However, when you go to work to realize the wand is constantly running in the same place, but little dust bunnies are not going anywhere. Well, now you’re stuck with a new power vacuum without vacuum suction. Lost money.

However, the suction power is not the only factor that is important. Airflow is very important to actually carry dirt. If the vacuum is great at sucking the dirt, but has poor air circulation, then the dirt still will not give in, because there is no energy to move. You need a good balance of both to have an effective vacuum cleaner.

How is the suction and air flow? Consumer reviews are always helpful and are the best option to get first hand opinions to know if a power vacuum suction well. We found that some of the best vacuums with high suction power include Hoover Platinum Upright and Dyson DC25.

The Best Vacuum – Size

Big and bulky or small and compact. What do you prefer? Some consumers may confuse the size of the vacuum chamber to vacuum cleaning efficiency. Good thing this is very far from reality. Manufacturers have been consistently reduced the size in recent years, opting for lighter and easier to maneuver vacs.

Size is also important when it comes to smaller spaces, making a slight vacuum ideal. New design and technology has made these small voids as effective, and sometimes more effective than larger vacuums.

The Best Vacuum – Bag or Bagless

If you think back a few years, vacuum cleaners vacuum cleaner bags was the norm, but no bag have become very popular in recent years. Bagless vacuum cleaners work by sucking up dirt and debris after the deposit of debris in a cup. The cup or dust bin is removed and emptied in the trash for disposal.

This brings concern for some consumers who are concerned about the dust that is released back into the air when you empty the dust bin.The dirt cup is easy to empty, as long as you hold it over the trash bin without exposing the waste to the air. Bagless vacuum cleaners have also been marketed as protectors of money as there is no need to buy new bags at the time, however, has yet to buy effective filters to capture small particles that leads to tip number four.



The Best Vacuum – Filters

Vacuum filters are very important to consider because they help determine the amount of waste actually put back into the air while vacuuming. There are few different technologies that are used and HEPA vacuum filters are one of the best.

True HEPA technology guarantees the best online filtering and is used in the hospital environment. The best cleaner HEPA vacuum filters catch 99% of the particles and are ideal for consumers suffering from allergies or asthma. Hepa filters have become very popular and are used today, but are not the norm. Normally found in higher prices, such as Hoover, Dyson and Miele.

These are just some factors to consider when choosing the best vacuum for use. Other factors include the level of noise, the type of accessories included, and the type of flooring used in vacuum. Having this information available before making a purchase will help you make better-informed decision to buy the most efficient vacuum for your needs.

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vacuum cleaner 2011
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Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum CleanerIf you are asking yourself the question, are Hoover vacuum cleaners the best in the market, then you probably have heard of them already. Well, that is not a surprise, considering that they have been in the market since 1908!

Hoover: Synonymous to Vacuuming

The Hoovers have been around for more than a century now. They were the ones to introduce vacuuming to common man. The name became synonymous to vacuum cleaners. Like Xerox became for photocopying and Pilot became for pen. “I am hoovering the carpet”, would say a woman cleaning her drawing room!

Hoover: Range of Products

Hoover probably has the strongest line-up of products in the vacuuming industry. From bagless to bagged , from upright to canister, from handheld, self propelled to big machines, you think of it and Hoover has it! The range of attachments is also impressive and there is a wide variety to choose from. If maneuverability is your main concern, then the bagless canister would suit your need. The most important factor is the ease-of-use associated with these types of vacuum cleaners.Ho

The steam vacuum cleaners are best for spills and other mess that kids and pets can make. The handheld model has a 90 degree swivelling nozzle to pull dirt out of even the toughest corners. The steam cleaners work with a shampoo solution to clean the carpets. This takes care of all your carpet cleaning needs. The wet/dry configuration model is also very handy in messy situations.

Hoover: Technology Used

Hoovers have always been known for being the first movers in terms of technology concerned with vacuum cleaners. They have always come up with state of the art technology from time to time and have improved upon existing models. In fact, it is the Hoover Junior which is supposed to have inspired Dyson, one of Hoover’s competitors today, to make a vacuum cleaner. The wind tunnel suction and HEPA filters are available with almost all the models. A tried and tested technology is always better to own rather than something whose results are not proved.

User Experience

All the people who use a Hoover swear by it. All Hoover models have received 4/5* reviews on all the websites. Given the wide range of products, those who have to go for a second vacuum cleaner tend to stick to the Hoover rather than changing the brand. It is evident that user experience is important to the company as they give ready service and replacement options to its customers.


Interactive website

Avery interactive and detailed website means that nothing is hidden. All models, their features, availability, accessories etc are listed on the website. It becomes so easy to make a choice once you have all that information in such a sorted manner.

Though, I would suggest you make a list of the cleaning jobs you will do with the vacuum cleaner, before you go to the website. Or you are bound to get confused with the range! The products are even listed by feature which I think is really helpful in narrowing down your choices. The service and support section gives you all the detail you need ‘after’ you have bough your Hoover.


You are sure to find a Hoover that fits your budget. When the market is flooded with options, price becomes a decisive factor. Hoovers are known to give a good value for money.

The competitor’s in the market are catching up. In fact, Hoover was complacent about the upcoming technologies but now they have pulled up their socks. With a century of experience, loyal users and state of the art technology, Hoover vacuum cleaners are sure to be one of the best, if not the best in the market.


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hooverAsking yourself the question, why Hoover vacuums? Well, let me help you answer that question.

Legacy of the Hoover

Hoover is the name synonymous to vacuum cleaning. They have been in the business since more than a century now. They are the movers and shakers of the vacuum cleaning industry and have brought about all the technological and innovative solutions to the vacuum cleaning industry since ages now!

Given the fact that there is tough competition in the vacuum cleaners market now, Hoovers are the ones which actually inspired most of the companies to enter the market.

Freedom of choice of products

If you can think of a task that you need your vacuum cleaner to perform, Hoover will have a model to do it! They have product ranging from upright to canister, power chord to handheld models, bagged cleaners to bagless ones. You name it, they have it! All of us want the least strain on our bodies. The self propelled models take care of that too. The mix and match of various features amongst the models provides an extensive range. Choosing a model that best suits your need itself becomes a task!

The steam and wet/dry configurations are also best suited for places where kids and pets create the most mess. Shampoo solutions can be used which saves a lot of time and money in cleaning of carpets and floors.

Other Hoover appliances

Hoover makes other appliances such as kitchen appliances, hair dryers, speakers etc. It just shows the amount of research and development going on in the background. The company does not compromise on the quality of the product and spend a lot on coming up with latest technology.

That means you get a latest model that will last very long and its technology will survive the test of time. The knowledge of the electronics industry and the experience gained by making and marketing other appliances has really matured the company and as a consumer you really want to be related to a company that knows what it’s doing. That’s what Hoover gives you, the ultimate user experience.

After sales service and warranty

The after sales service is excellent. Though they make products that hardly need any service, their teams are always ready to help you. So many times we come across a company that treats you like an angel until you buy the product.

Then if you go back to them with a problem they turn back and say who are you?! Hoover is dedicated to build and maintain a loyal customer base. They provide warranty on all products. They also provide readily available service and replacement of faulty parts! Now that is some commitment!

Healthy you!

Health and safety are one of the main concerns of everyone these days and Hoover understands that very well. Their models come with HEPA and s-class filters that work superbly in pulling allergen, pollen grains and other allergy causing organisms out of the surface. This ensures that if there are people in the house prone to allergies, Hoover will perform its role in keeping them healthy!



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vacuum cleaners diversityThe first vacuum cleaner patent was produced by Daniel Hess in 1860. He called his invention a carpet sweeper.

Like many sweepers, Hess’ machine had a rotating brush. What made it different than other sweepers was that it also had a bellows mechanism at the top of the machine that was used to generate suction. And, surprisingly, Hess’ carpet sweeper also had two compartments that he called “water chambers.” They were meant to catch and hold dust and other fine particles and clean the air as it went through the sweeper. However, Hess most probably never produced his carpet sweeper.


The Impetus Behind the Invention of Vacuum Cleaner

The invention of the vacuum cleaner is a result of the advancements and problems created by science and technology in the middle of the 19th century. Not only were many items now being produced, but pollution was rampant. Because things were so dirty, and because Louis Pasteur had discovered that diseases were caused by germs, people became interested in cleanliness.

The First Vacuum Cleaner

The early prototypes for today’s vacuum cleaners were operated by hand. The first vacuums needed two operators – one to move the machine around and another to work the bellows. Before this invention, housewives used brooms. Rugs were removed from the home and beaten with rug beaters to get out dirt, dust, and other debris.

The Bissell

Melville Bissell invented and marketed a carpet sweeper in the late 1870’s. It had revolving brushes that picked up dirt and left it inside the housing of the carpet sweeper. The wheels caused the sweeping mechanism to rotate. It didn’t remove any dirt or debris from inside the carpet – only from the surface.

The First Motorized Vacuum

John S. Thurman introduced a gasoline powered vacuum cleaner in 1899. He started a service that took his vacuum into homes and for a $4.00 fee, Thurman vacuumed the rugs in these homes.

The Electric Vacuum

The first electric vacuum cleaner was invented by Hubert Cecil Booth in London and appeared in 1901. It was extremely large and had to be housed on a horse drawn cart. It had a hose that was 100 feet long and was brought into the house that was to be vacuumed by the person providing the housecleaning service.

Other Vacuums

Other vacuum machines were invented around the same time. The most famous of which was the Kirby, invented by Jim Kirby in 1906. The first Kirby separated dirt from the air with water. He didn’t like dealing with the dirty water so his next vacuum used centrifugal force and a cloth as a filter.

In 1908, James Murray Spangler invented a vacuum that became the first portable suction cleaner. He had asthma and wanted to keep dust down at work. His vacuum, like today’s vacuums, used fans to create air pressure. His cousin, William Hoover, bought the patent from him in 1908.

In 1910, Charles Beach and Frederick Osius invented a small motor that ran on electrical power and was marketed by Louis Hamilton. It was used in an appliance called a Hamilton Beach Mother’s Little Helper. It was the first portable vacuum.

The first vacuum with a disposable bag was invented and was called The Electrolux, after Gustaf Sahlin introduced this vacuum to America in 1924.

Vacuums invented and enhanced by Hoover, Oreck, Dyson, and others made their way onto the market in the ensuing years.

Can you imagine what housework would be like today if not for the invention of the vacuum? We’d still be taking out carpets outside and hanging them over a fence to beat them clean!


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